Ponsse harvester heads have unrivaled performance with a robust structure and a high-performance feature set. The Ponsse range is available in a variety of size categories, allowing you to choose the most efficient harvester head that fits your needs perfectly. A wide range of products, from market-leading general purpose harvester heads to optimized harvester grabs , meets all the needs of forestry entrepreneurs. Thanks to continuous research and decades of experience in Ponsse development, the harvester heads are innovatively designed for maximum ease of use and adaptability to any working condition. The high technical characteristics of the devices have made Ponsse a world leader in terms of quality.

Harvester heads from Ponsse will be your reliable partner in forestry for many years to come.

PONSSE H10 is intended for harvesting and processing using sturdy track-based machines. It has been designed and built for heavy-duty processing in demanding conditions. Its solid structure, firm grip and powerful feed guarantee a high efficiency ratio and reliability for years to come. The H10 is highly precise. The Opti control system helps the powerful feed to cut trees at the correct length, with an accuracy of nearly one centimetre, and at a high speed.
PONSSE H8 HD is a tough-built harvester head with high power and excellent geometry for the most demanding logging operations.
Suitable for tracked machines as well as large wheeled harvesters, PONSSE H7 HD offers heavy-duty reliability and performance for demanding work.
Головка PONSSE H77 Euca разработана специально для эффективной и качественной заготовки эвкалипта малого размера. Базовые машины: Cobra, Scorpion King, Ergo.
Design based on customer feedback has sparked a eucalyptus harvester head, which truly works and lasts long. It is based on H7 HD, a harvester head whose popularity is based on having it in operations, not at the repair shop. The structure, reinforced in various ways, makes PONSSE H7 HD EUCA a durable tool. But, regardless of the reinforced structure, it is very light and nimble. It makes working smooth and keeps fuel economy high relative to productivity.
The sturdy PONSSE H8 harvester head represents the largest and most powerful harvester head range for wheel-based harvesters. Its solid structure and advanced functions make H8 an extremely durable and economical tool, with which harvesting is efficient.
The PONSSE H7 harvester head specialises in large-diameter thinning and clear cutting. Small yet powerful in its class, the harvester head has excellent tree handling properties, making work efficient, even at different types of logging sites.
Legendary PONSSE H6 is an excellent all-round harvester head that is trusted by loggers around the world. The PONSSE H6 harvester head is ideally compact for thinning operations. Its large opening range and powerful feed also make PONSSE H6 excellent for regeneration felling.
Despite its small size, PONSSE H5 is highly powerful. It is productive at all thinning sites, even with larger diameter trees. The agile and precise PONSSE H5 harvester head is an expert in multi-stemming to speed up harvesting, and it is nearly as effective in processing individual stems as many larger harvester heads.