Ponsse is interested in the growth of highly skilled forestry equipment operators. To give beginners the confidence to operate powerful harvesters and forwarders, Ponsse has developed a simulator that will enable future operators to master the basic functions of a forest machine. The simulator reflects the real work of harvesters and forwarders as well as PONSSE Opti information systems.

PONSSE BASIC is a true mobile simulator. Take it with you wherever you are, attach it to the table and the exercise can begin. The Basic Simulator is made simple by leaving out eg. Opti system and drive pedals.
PONSSE COMPACT is the next-generation compact learning environment that is distinguished not only by its small size, but also its usability and great-looking Ponsse design.
PONSSE Full forms a training environment around the user, which is as close to a real forest machine environment as possible. PONSSE Opti information system, combined with excellent ergonomics for the operator, makes long-term learning enjoyable. The PONSSE Full simulator is equipped with three screens, offering a very wide and real-like field of vision.