PONSSE Elephant King is one of Ponsse’s sturdiest forwarders. The durable basic structure is reliable and holds no surprises, also in heavy-duty operations. Its powerful engine, combined with its never-ending tractive force and 20-ton load-carrying capacity, ensures that wood is moved efficiently, also at sites located on slopes, and over long distances, with fewer trips.
PONSSE Elephant represents the larger end of our product range in terms of power, load capacity and productivity. If you need the capacity to load a lot of wood in one run, the Elephant is the right machine for you. Long transport distances, challenging terrain, and steep slopes are no problem for the PONSSE Elephant. Like it's name, this workhorse gets the job done easily in conditions which would be too challenging for many other machines.
PONSSE Bison Active Frame no other forwarder has a transmission equipped with a stepless gear ratio change. When it is no longer necessary to stop when switching to the fast range from the slow range, working in all types of terrain is much faster. However, the difference between a conventional hydrostatic transmission is remarkable on more even surfaces over longer distances.
PONSSE Buffalo King is the largest machine in the Buffalo model series. Its technical systems, reliability in all conditions, combined with its broad range of options, makes Buffalo King a dependable tool built to meet the individual needs of each customer.
There is no guessing why PONSSE Buffalo is so popular. The broad model series offers a machine for every need. Its technical systems have been proven round the world. Buffalo can be equipped with the Active Frame cabin suspension system, which makes driving stable and comfortable. The Active Crane boom control system makes the grapple like an extension of the operator’s hand. It goes where you want it to go, easily and effortlessly.
Ponsse Elk is a smaller machine in a highly versatile size class. Its compact design makes it very agile, while its components, shared with larger machines, make it a powerful and durable forwarder with a first-rate load-carrying capacity.
PONSSE Wisent treats thinning sites gently. Its agility and excellent visibility in all directions from the cabin reduce damage to standing trees. Being lightweight, it causes less damage to the terrain but still offers an excellent load-carrying capacity and power that never runs out.
PONSSE Gazelle является наиболее передовой машиной среднего размера в классе грузоподъемности в 10 тонн. Благодаря сниженному чистому весу, крутому радиусу поворота, наличию зажимных коников оптимальной формы и сбалансированному распределению веса PONSSE Gazelle можно использовать даже на лесозаготовительных участках с естественной средой, более всего реагирующей на внешние воздействия.