PONSSE harvesters quickly cut and sort both energy wood and sturdier trunks – of course, at any logging site and in every conditions. Ponsse’s versatile and efficient harvesters guarantee the best productivity, and they adapt easily to all kinds of environments. In terms of comfort, our harvesters are in a league of their own. Following our customers’ wishes, we also focus on the usability and serviceability of our harvesters.Our harvester range consists of large machines for sturdy trunks, multi-functional solutions for all types of logging sites and extreme high-performance harvesters for demanding conditions. Whether you need a powerhouse or an agile machine for difficult terrain, the PONSSE harvester range has just the right machine for all uses. Productive technical systems and reliable basic solutions guarantee that our harvesters are dependable, even in the most demanding conditions.

The comfort of PONSSE harvesters is proven to be in an elite class. Ergonomics and ease of use have a direct link to productivity. This is why our harvesters focus on the operator’s comfort, machine handling and, of course, excellent visibility that is characteristic to PONSSE harvesters.The best productivity can be achieved using versatile and efficient machines. PONSSE harvesters are ideal for all types of logging sites, ranging from first thinning to heavy-duty clear cutting.

Our reliable, efficient and productive harvesters are guaranteed to work everywhere!

Bear is the largest machine in the model series, an agile giant, for large trees and stands. Raw power, combined with advanced modern technology and operator-based ergonomics, makes Bear a productive harvester, which feels at home in challenging conditions and large stands.
PONSSE Ergo — A CONQUEROR OF STEEP SLOPES AND DIFFICULT TERRAIN. Despite its young history, Ergo is already a true classic. After all, it is the globally best-selling PONSSE machine.
The new PONSSE Scorpion King is even more elegant and comfortableto use. The dignified cabin is something not previously seen in workingmachinery. The best features are still there, simply improved. Bettervisibility, safety and ergonomics increase operator comfort.
The new Scorpion is here. The best features are the same as before, only further improved. Good visibility, high stability and excellent ergonomics make the Scorpion a popular choice. A roomier interior and high-quality materials raise the comfort to an entirely new level. Once the door is closed to the outside world, all is quiet, elegant and in the right place.
The new PONSSE Cobra harvester is a versatile and efficient tool for varying conditions. Thanks to its adaptability, it is right at home for both thinning and clear-cutting. An eight-wheel all-round machine, PONSSE Cobra is a good addition to a group of several machines thanks to its versatility and functional properties, but it is also an excellent choice for an entrepreneur who needs one machine for all logging sites.
The PONSSE Fox harvester is a fuel-efficient and powerful combination of state-of-the-art technology and reliable solutions. Its driving forces are a precise and powerful crane, good visibility, machine stability and low surface pressure for demanding conditions and soft terrain.
PONSSE Beaver feels at home in dense thinning sites, and is also a reliable hervester at all sites where a durable machine is needed. The agility of a six-wheeler, combined with a solid structure, makes PONSSE Beaver unstoppable, even in difficult thinning sites.