Versatile and efficient, Ponsse harvesters adapt easily to all working conditions and maximize productivity. Click on "more" to find out more about the range and to choose the harvester that is perfect for your needs!
Ponsse’s harvester heads have a solid structure, powerful functions and precise controls. Superior performance in all size categories!
PONSSE Buffalo Dual is a combination of an efficient harvester and a powerful forwarder. With Buffalo Dual, you can operate economically with the operating costs of a single machine. It can be converted from a harvester into a forwarder and back in just a few minutes. PONSSE Buffalo Dual is more than a forwarder with just a harvester head added – it is a special tool designed as a dual machine from the beginning.
Ponsse’s forwarders are full of power and comfort, also in difficult terrain. Efficient timber hauling while saving the environment.
The Ponsse Simulator is an effective way to train future operators in basic forest machine functions.
Ponsse Opti information systems are developed according to the wishes of the operators and the requirements of the logging companies. The use of these multifunctional systems ensures high work efficiency.